The Long search for a Truly Great Guitar...

Let's face it, most of the attributes that comprise a high quality guitar are pretty simple. What stands apart in rare instances are truly attractive Design elements, and starting with the very best material (not the lowest bid stuff). As it is, a guitar is wood, steel, brass, copper, some plastic, and occasionally some high tech composites. It's the experience in composition, almost like alchemy, that truly makes everything merge and have a likable balance and unmatched functional quality. 

As yet, there is no CNC or set patterns - this offers any choice desired for pickup arrangement, and any placement of control layout - reather than a slim choice of a couple layouts. The routing is free-hand, with refinements by hand. In the future this will not be available, as this method takes more labor and attention, and time. It's become hard to find anyone offering this kind of build anymore, mainly due to the cost of labor, and turn around times. In a sense, it's like the difference between an oil painting and a blown-up photograph - many like each one for differing reasons. What is offered here is a mix of older tried-and-true methods, exotic materials and new technologies. 

60% of the business at Fretsong is return business - Many thanks for your business, and your valued confidence in my work.