Pricing for Work, Options & Material

An enormous amount of work and detail goes into building a guitar. Just preparing the material to begin building an instrument is very particular and labor intensive. Even researching and purchasing materials is a complex process that can make or break a long and detailed investment of time, money and work. What follows is a deeper understanding of the process, and how this applies to each and every piece of wood. Then there is the consideration of incorporating high tech materials with the wood, avionics & mil'-spec' class electronic components, and the latest available hardware. 

There is no Q.C. department, staffed with idiots that have zero experience building a musical instrument, seeking to assure that every piece is identical to the last. And there is no P.R. department out in the marketplace, seeking very subtle ways to slam other products. And Fretsong doesn't monitor the "hate clubs"/ forums  or blogs for slander - as we're too busy actually playing and building instruments to join the kiddies in all the fun.

You will never find Fretsong acting like the amount of pots for control, or the brand of strings offered on a complete instrument are any kind of selling point on a guitar - these minor choices are not a matter of cost or product value, and are completely up to the client. The client decides how many pickups they would like to purchase, and the layout - we rout for what you choose, just as long as they will fit the scale - at no extra charge. In truth, the only thing at all that qualifies Fretsong to have a strong opinion about building instruments, is the Quality and Refinement of our work.

There is no set price listing at this time, as each piece is assessed per the work involved, the materials and any special options. We offer a fair price for all that we do - usually much lower than anyone else providing the same standard of services. Our focus is on the quality of our work, more than anything else. And we never get tired of hearing the pleasant surprise of our clients, when they receive our guitars.
Please feel welcome to contact us. We will surprise you with how much we do, and how reasonable we are with your budget. We are happy to provide the best, charging only what we need to stay in operation. If we manage to have great fortune here at Fretsong, we will do it with integrity.