Options and Modifications
There is a list of options provided standard on all Fretsong guitars:
  • Recesses for knobs and switch nut. 
  • Recessed pickup frames for a flush surface. 
  • Deeper routes for bridge and neck pockets. 
  • Cut-away relief's, and smooth contour at the neck pocket area. 
  • Back of body "comfort" contours. 
  • Chambered interior, with a solid center core. 
  • Neck heel relief with smooth contours for a seamless transition to the body. 
And there are many details and options that can be added:
  • Signature inlayed pickguard in Claro Walnut or Ebony. 
  • Fore-arm contour (done on solid bodies, and Some semi hollow bodies) 
  • Recessed side mounted imbedded controls (must be chosen prior to obtaining materials) 
  • Bookmatched body back (must be chosen prior to obtaining materials) 
  • Striped laminated  through body structure (as seen on the V style piece in the Gallery) 
  • Radial inlays on a solid back (coming soon) 
  • Inlayed semi-precious stones, minerals back lit with LEDs - within structural reason 
  • Any control system, even your favorite 9 Volt peddle - within structural reason 
  • MIDI and piezo pickup system that installs internally - Fretsong does not stock these systems 
  • Custom builds around any neck purchased from Moses Graphite 
  • Integration of Any tail tuning system and bridge combination, including custom arrangements 
If your idea is not listed here, or only in part, please contact us and let us know what you would like to do. We'll surprise you with how reasonable it is to do the most unheard of modifications and add-ons.

We do not stock the many systems mentioned above, however we have good sources for many things. When doing this kind of work, %50 of the cost for the labor and the hardware components must be present on site to start the work. And the final %50 and shipping are due upon shipping your instrument to you. 

The key here is planning before hand. If you're not sure it can be done, please ask us, and if we cannot accommodate your ideas, we'll try referring you to others who can. The vision at Fretsong is to consider all aspects of putting the ultimate instrument into your hands. And to do so with the very best available components on the world wide marketplace - including Every component, Every screw, Every bolt, Every strand of wire and All of the material used.