Contract Builds
Having a guitar built on contract is pretty much the best route to getting an instrument that is just exactly what you want. It does take a little more time, and a considerable amount of communication.

This is done on a one to one basis between Luthier and Client. Depending on scheduling needs, there may or may not be a waiting period for this - But contact us, as we may be able to start right away. The turn around time will be anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months - depending upon the back-log and other considerations. The current standing schedule is 6 months. 

The pricing for these are dependent upon the cost of materials, and the work involved. Generally an all walnut body, with figured or curly material on the face half of the body, and the usual details seen on the FS-1 model, semi hollow and finished in tung oil is $450 to $800 for the body alone, depending on the grade of material. Many things factor into this - a solid body version will cost $50 less. 

You may purchase your hardware and drop-ship to Fretsong, or have Fretsong purchase your hardware and electronics for you. But understand that Fretsong does not provide a warranty for your hardware and electronics - Bridge hardware, pickups, etc... Fretsong customarily backs the components made here at Fretsong. 

Adding specialized hardware often requires more work, and the hardware must be present for the work to proceed. The pricing mentioned above is for the body alone - if the instrument is assembled and wired with us, it's more. The charge to wire a guitar is $30 - Assembly and setup is $100. When this work is done here, all minor adjustments and setup are done to precise standards, and your guitar comes to you ready to play. These details and choices are left up to you, as it is Your guitar. Call or email directly, and you may be surprised at how reasonable it is to have us build your ultimate guitar. 

A 50% deposit and all hardware that is to be installed is required - then the remaining 50% and shipping costs are due upon shipment. Your hardware is treated with professional respect, and comes back to you as arranged. We have done this for many clients here in the USA and many in Europe and the UK, and never missed a beat. Your business is welcome and appreciated.

Custom built merchandise is none refundable - but if there is a problem, it comes back to the shop, and will be fixed or rebuilt at no further charge. There is no "test drive" with a custom built instrument, and no return counter. Fretsong does not pay for another party to work on your guitar in any instance, and having this done is considered unauthorized modification, voiding any warranty. Fretsong is not financially responsible for a client choosing not to return the instrument for need or want of modification or repair. Fretsong is not responsible for unwarranted trust issues, or impatience, or choices against our policy. Besides, knowing every factor involved in building your guitar in the first place, makes Fretsong better qualified to review everything pertinent and make it right. However, if a problem arises, you will have professional and prompt attention until it is resolved. If you need assurances that require your ability to seek a refund for buyers' remorse or other reasons, this option is not for you - there are "other" instruments available in the market that you can buy and return on a whim. Just remember, we are committing expensive materials, labor and hardware to your specification - it is a patient and adult task, and not for the inexperienced party seeking instant gratification.